First Post!

I’ve been wanting to make a blog for a while, but didn’t know if anyone would find it interesting or want to read it. But I’m doing this mostly for me and to track my own progress! I fell in love with running when I joined cross-country my sophomore year of high school. I’d been active through dancing and other activities, but never really ran. The first day of practice, I was put in the slowest group and I was the last to finish our 2 mile race that weekend. Throughout the season, I moved up to faster running groups and cut time with almost every race, progressing to about the middle of the team! I was never a superstar in high school cross-country (sometimes I look back and regret not being more serious about it), but I was having fun and enjoying my high school experience! I still love to run, but have learned to incorporate other activities, such as cross-training and resistance training, to get stronger and to avoid injuries. I’ve learned the hard way that my body can’t handle running every single day.

I’ve struggled with having a healthy relationship with food/ working out for almost 10 years (I hate how long it’s been). This is not saying that it has completely controlled my life for this long, but it’s been a constant struggle and something that’s always on my mind. I realized recently that every time I eat something, I think about how many calories is in it. I’m so jealous of people who don’t think like this and can just eat completely intuitively. I’ve used my eating as a means of control and also as an escape through emotional eating. I’ve swung from doing excessive cardio and eating 1100 calories a day to full-out eating whatever I wanted because I was taking out my feelings through eating.

Recently, I’ve really been trying to find balance with fitness and eating. It’s something I work on everyday. I feel best when eating mostly clean, but I know that I need to treat myself and still live my life and have fun! Going out to eat and not having all of my meals planned used to give me serious anxiety, but I’m trying to go with the flow more and not let it control my life.

This blog will be about my passion for running, fitness, and health, while I strive to live a happy and balanced life.


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