Learning From My Mistakes

When you make a mistake, you’re supposed to learn something, right? Well it isn’t always that easy. Sometimes I have made a mistake time and time again even though I felt an inkling in the back of my head that it was a bad idea.

Well, there is one mistake that I finally have learned from and won’t make again. This is running/forcing workouts on an injury. For me, even running through pain for 1-2 days can put me out for WEEKS. So now, as annoying as it is, I stop completely. On Monday, I noticed my hip feeling a little off. But why?! I had only run 8 miles on Saturday, shorter than my planned 11, and done an easy cross training session on Sunday. I didn’t do anything wrong! Well, sometimes your body just has other plans for you. So I have been taking it easy and not running this week. Which has been extremely tough because it’s been Spring in Chicago this week, even though it’s the middle of February. I got home from work on Tuesday and it was the perfect night. Breezy, but warm. I saw tons of people out running and I was just aching to get a run in. Just 3-4 miles! But I felt that hip pain as I was walking to my apartment and I just knew it wasn’t a good idea. So I sat on my couch with the window open watching Shameless and didn’t run. I didn’t work out at all actually. Yes, I felt kind of guilty, but I have to keep reminding myself to push past those feelings!

I’m doing a 10 mile race in March and half marathon in April! I want to go into those races feeling strong and healthy. That’s not going to be possible if I push myself to run when I’m noticing pain, as much as I want to. So, I haven’t been doing my planned workouts this week. But today I’m not noticing any pain and that’s a win. I may try to do an easy run tomorrow or this weekend, but if anything flares up I will STOP. Because I’ve made that mistake way too many times and have FINALLY learned that it isn’t worth it.

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