Not everyone has to care about health

If you are in the health & wellness community or just like to read blogs and keep up with health trends, then it might seem absolutely 100% necessary to focus on and care about your health. While I believe this is a good thing to do, not everybody needs to. At the end of the day, everyone is in charge of his/her own body.

This is a realization that I recently came to after listening to some podcasts on the subject. There is something called “healthism” in which basically everything revolves around being healthy and the thought is that it should be a priority for everybody. But in the end, I think healthy eating and exercise are hobbies! They take up lots of my precious time and I personally am interested in them and learning more about them. But there are SO MANY other hobbies and interests that people have. Health might not be one of them and that’s okay!

I absolutely do not think that shame or judging is alright, especially when it comes to food. So many times people say “don’t judge me” if they are going to eat something that is considered “unhealthy.” I wish people didn’t feel this way. What people put into their body is their own individual choice. Everyone has different cravings on different days. Sometimes I want a salad and sometimes I want cheese fries. It’s part of being human and there should be no shame in that! If I order a salad for dinner, there is usually one person who says “you’re so good.” But I almost ordered pizza… if I had done that, would I be bad? I know that people don’t make those comments with bad intentions at all. It is just something that has been ingrained in us by our society and we need to actively question those types of comments. Because eating a salad doesn’t make you good and eating pizza doesn’t make you bad.


Turkey burger with brie, arugula, and roasted red pepper with a side of mac and cheese for dinner from a couple weeks ago…delicious!

And honestly, being able to be traditionally “healthy” is such a privilege. A single mom working multiple jobs, trying to make ends meet, and taking care of 4 kids cannot necessarily prioritize her health in the same way that others can. Eating a nutritious meal is probably at the bottom of her priority list! She will most likely eat what she can get her hands on before she crashes into bed. If she’s able to eat a fresh meal, great! But if she has to get something out of the freezer, this does not make her a bad or good person, it’s just life.

So remember: not everyone HAS to prioritize health. If you want to, great! And if you don’t want to, that’s great too! Eating a certain way does not make you a good or bad person. Truly beautiful people shine through their hearts and souls, not their bodies. You are not better than a girl across the room from you because you are eating a salad and she is eating a hamburger.

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