Is passion overrated?

I hear so much career advice that says your job needs to be your passion. After all, they say “do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” But is this really true?? Pretty much everyone I know has tons of activities that they would rather do while they were working.

Since graduating college, I’ve worked at 4 different companies, holding 5 different jobs. For a while, I was “stuck” in an industry I wanted to get out of, but couldn’t very easily. Why not? You may ask. Well, when companies look to hire someone, they want to see relevant skills. So changing an industry is pretty hard. Entry level jobs often won’t accept someone who already has a few years of work experience because they are “over-qualified” even if they aren’t qualified for that particular job. Most people also don’t want to go down to an entry level salary so that they can pay the rent, buy groceries, etc. Hence my problem. I applied to some more entry-level jobs that I was interested in, but rarely heard back. I feel so lucky that I have finally made it to the industry I always wanted to be in, even if it’s 6 years post-grad! (wait what??)

But still, I am 100% PASSIONATE about my job? Ummm, no. I love the people I work with, I think the work/industry is interesting, and I honestly don’t mind coming into work every day. My company has a great culture, and coming from a company that did not have that, I don’t take it for granted! All in all, I feel incredibly lucky to have the job that I do. But I would not say that this job is my passion!

I will always be someone who works to live, not lives to work. And for me, personally, that’s the way it should be! The most fulfilling parts of my life are what fills the hours OUTSIDE of work– running, reading, spending time with friends and family, traveling, being outside in nature, trying new restaurants, etc. Those are the things that give my life meaning! Those are my passions!

I see so many people online encouraging people to be their own boss, take control of their lives, do what they love, etc. But I think you can also be happy doing and job you LIKE and doing things you LOVE outside of work! Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good here- if you like coming to work most of the time and have a salary and benefits that let you explore your passions outside of work, that sounds pretty good to me! Don’t compare yourself to the girl who quit her full-time job in order to pursue being an Instagrammer/ blogger/ influencer full-time. That may work for some people and they might be perfectly happy! But I don’t think that’s the solution for everyone.

So right now, I will be content with living for the weekends 🙂

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